Proudly Pride

The study about Parenting towards inclusivity of LGBTQIA+ is to bring more awareness and acceptance. Our sexuality does not define us, it is just a part of who we are. Proudly Pride is an Immersive Experience where we not only encounter ourself from the inside but also others. A space where we enter with prejudice and leave with unbias. The dark tunnel allows us to be more vulnerable to acceptance and empathy.

Immersive Installation
Individual - Capstone Project


This project is my attempt to understand the vast ecosystem of different fragments that make us up. Parenting Towards LGBTQIA+ Inclusion is a study to understand why different generations need different methods of raising awareness. Our sexuality doesn't define us, it's just a part of who we are. I have tried to look at most of these fragments that I believe are the key to acceptance.


There are many reasons why we humans do not understand certain situations. The main reason is that we keep addressing it a certain way, which turns into a sheep mentality. We stop questioning and anything apart from following certain rules becomes unacceptable. I try to understand different situations of this type of preconceived notions.

This research was conducted with the Indian context in mind. During this phase I tried to imagine possible outcomes as a game, workshop, comic or installation. I read carefully what gender, sex, sexuality is; how has it been evolved. I have read books like Gay Bombay by Parmesh Shahani,to understand his stories; A Brief History of Humankind Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari to know about the change in the thought process.

Many parents think that it was their wrong upbringing that has led their child to not abide by the society made up rules. By talking to children at a young age about sexual orientation and gender identity, we can teach them the value of empathy and respect for others, as well as open the door for any future conversations regarding their own identity.

The gender belief system is prevalent within the worldview of many, and impacts our expectations for women and men. The negative impact results in children feeling different when they feel like doing activities assigned to the opposite gender, resulting in discrepancies. Stereotyped Gender Roles makes it difficult for children who experience differences in their bodies and minds to come out to their parents.


Cultivating self-acceptance requires that we develop more self-compassion. We can only create the right reality if you are willing to let the wrong reality go.

How might we be more acceptive towards ourselves & one other.


Cultivating self-acceptance requires that we develop more self-compassion. We can only create the right reality if you are willing to let the wrong reality go.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”

Concept Note:

In the journey of life, we experience the meaning of life changing, ourselves changing too. In this process, we keep on adding values to ourselves, our beliefs keep evolving, we keep changing. When we accept these changes happening within us, it is time to accept these changes happening in others too. The 6 colors of pride represent these layers we gather throughout our journey.

The installation will have a canal-like pathway with pride colours moving like a rainbow. When the viewer enters, they see these colours and their projection (shadow) with some layer of colours. As they try to move their hands, the projection follows their movement.

The moment the viewer tries to touch the moving illuminated light, they realise that the same colour is adding up on their projection. They keep moving and touching the colours and adding more and more colours onto their projection (themselves). Although, when the viewer touches the white light, instead of it adding up as a layer, it is removed.

An individual who is loving their own colours, and also is enjoying exploring them, gets a sudden shock when it is being removed. It gives a sense of loss, losing a part of yourself. Similarly, I would like the viewer to leave this installation with a thought that, as much as they loved adding colours to themselves, they should also let others enjoy their own colours. We should accept others for who they are. The viewer enters with some prejudice of themselves and others, which they also modify. In the process of these alterations of themselves, when the viewer views the same happening to others around them, they accept these changes. The viewer leaves with the idea of accepting themselves and others around them.


Each viewer would get a different set of colors and a different number of colors when they enter the installation. All the viewers would have the same projection, except the colors of the shadow would be different. The pathway is a dome like structure which has illuminating colors moving in circular motion. It should give the viewer an illusion of walking in a canal of rainbow.

Installation Render:


The installation uses video projection mapping, which is an illusory phenomenon created by digitally projecting a computer-manipulated image or images onto a surface (or many) via light and projection system. I intended to use TouchDesigner and VVVV. TouchDesigner is a visual programming environment that is free for non-commercial use. VVVV is a hybrid visual/ textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

The center area of the installation will have two projectors for each section along with cameras and speakers. One projector is to project the lights and the second is to project the pre-programmed shadow. The inside area will have proximity sensors to map the shadow. The walls will have touch sensors. For the interaction where the viewer is touching the color light, they will experience a specific audio which will be different as to when they will be touching the white light giving a sensory experience.


Proudly Pride more than anything evokes empathy for a cause that is taboo in most parts of our country, it encourages self- acceptance and also accepting everyone else’s realities in hopefully a positive way through a joyful experience. This project was worked upon during the pandemic hence the solution is only a concept.

The next step to acceptance is bringing about change in the policies by the government. Health benefits, legalising marriage, and a simpler adoption process could be the future of LGBTQIA+. I hope that day comes soon where we all are who we truly want to be, at home & outside.

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