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SAP Discovery Center offer missions to guide you on implementing business scenarios with guidance from mission experts, and services to optimize business processes and create an engaging digital experience. Missions in Discovery Center are ready-to-run projects containing tools, content and customizable options. It provides a guided approach in form of Project Board to accelerate the implementation of your use cases with the help of Mission Experts.

It follows a space theme across, hence the name missions for use cases. Let’s say you want to address a concrete Business Challenge and are considering the SAP Business Technology Platform, we have created a tool with fully loaded Use-Cases build into Missions.

Web Application
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The Discovery Center's ambitions and visions were broad, which required the design team to be on their toes and work on a variety of concepts and solutions. The customer reach increased by 200 percent as a result of the revamped design. We adapted the Fiori Design Guideline with some tweaks to cater our needs. It is a combination of both a website and a tool.


Business Users
Solution Architects


Understand Cloud Platform & Deliver Business Solutions
To onboard colleagues
Understand the potential of Business Service & leverage the offering
Develop Business Applications
Leverage Pre-Packaged Solutions

Project Board

Project Board is a Kanban method used to implement missions like scenarios in Discovery Center. It contains various stages of a specific business to have streamlined workflow. We had been using BoardFlo tool created by Semos Cloud and wanted to have our own to maximize the capabalities offered by missions. The objective of this project was to understand Kanban method and embedd Project Board design using SAP Fiori guidelines.

Identifying Scope

The Project Board has various features like filtering the cards by members, labels or card name; assigning a card to a member while keeping the track of their work by checking the progress. The user can also create their own tasks by adding a list, moving cards from one list to another. Mission Expert supports the user from the comments sections which helps in the guidance.

While working on a Mission, users spend the majority of their time on the Project Board. The intention of the redesign was to improve the user experience by adding new features and capabilities. We now allow users to view the contents of the Project Board before starting the Mission. It informs them of what they are getting themselves into. Each feature was created with the user's actions and next steps in mind, as well as their most frequent actions.


Design Exploration

The Project Board had the freedom & opportunity of exploration, we had countless ideas. After going on and beyond, we prioritized the scope and catered to those features.

We see some features in the design exploration here. We can manage the engagement and lifecycle of our projects and also know about other projects happening in our organization.

Card Details

Advance Search

Card Details in Project Board

Working on The Project Board meant ensuring that the user and the use cases in Discovery Center interacted seamlessly. With this design change, We could enhance the engagement and lifecycle of the projects.

We see an exploration and the vision of Project Board. Users can now easily navigate within the cards while filtering based on labels, members, due dates.


The Discovery Center missions come with the integrated estimator tool to facilitate cost estimation of the services that are required to accomplish the mission. The Estimator is available for all the services that are available via the PAYG/CPEA license models. We can add services with a certain service plans to the estimator tool.

Discovery Center had been using SAP’s Estimator tool, which would take the user to a new tab. We created a design which was integrated in Discovery Center for enhanced features like personalization & collaboration across the members of the Mission and to bring services, missions and estimates closer together.

Prototype of Estimator

Development of Estimator

The entire team had the scope of this product in mind and worked hard towards achieving that. Integration of Estimator led the user to personalize the estimates by providing a unique name to the estimate. Users can also set the required currency, region, and discount for the estimates. Multiple team members of a mission can now work together on the same estimate, which can also be shared across different teams.

Home Page

Home page is an Integral part of any tool. Discovery Center’s home page is available for all the users, adhering to SAP’s design guidelines for tools but also not. It follows a space theme across. The experience we wanted the user to have before and after logging in had to be seamless. The revamped design caters to this intention.

The evolution we see is from 2018 to 2020. It also shows the change in SAP’s design language. Discovery Center also added a new component of Services during this change. After various iterations, rounds of discussions, we finalized this approach.

During our testing we found out that most of the users liked the landing page and that the content was well explained. We gave the users personalized content after logging in. Their recent missions were now easily accessible along with the Control Center.


Users grew for the mobile landscape as a result of features such as viewing the project board before starting a mission. We investigated mobile designs that adhered to the design language set. During the exploration, I also tried my hand at completely changing the look and feel of the Web App to make it more user friendly. There are many limitations, and most of the features cannot be displayed, but the discover section is definitely something a user can explore.

We see Mission & Service catalogs and their categories along with the landing page. We explored other detail page to verify the scope.


I had joined the team early in the product's development phase to provide a fresh perspective on the design languages we were about to establish. The extensive list of features and integrations allowed the product to grow on a daily basis. We worked hard to make this product the best it could be, from the home page to the catalog to the help pages.

We were able to reach more customers than expected with this new design. Many partners contributed to missions, and some even created their own to meet their specific business needs. It was obvious that design-led developments result in successful outcomes.

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