API Business Hub

SAP API Business Hub provides a single entry point for customers to explore, search and discover SAP public APIs, Intelligent Enterprise Suite (IES), Business Processes, Workflow Management, Integration and other digital content. API Business Hub allows us to seamlessly discover content to meet all our integration and extension needs. We can Discover integrations between SAP products as well as between SAP products and third-party products, while also using workspaces to start working on our content right away. We can test the APIs both in the sandbox and in configured systems.

Web Application
Individual - SAP Labs


API Business Hub is a newly designed website which has adopted SAP Brand/Digital Experience Guidelines due to a change in the positioning. It is a public website, while some features can be accessed only after logging in. It hosts digital content for the users like App Developers, Enterprise Architect, Integration Consultants, Business Analyst.

The revamped design showcases richness of content and improves search experience. It allows direct consumption of content into respective workspaces.


App Developers
Enterprise Architect
Integration Consultants
Business Analyst
Solution Consultants


Building Solutions based on available Services
Building or Advising Integration Solutions across different system or services
Designing a Business Scenario
Building Apps by making use of APIs


API Business Hub hosts content from products across SAP, the collaboration between multiple teams is extensive.

In a short span of time on this product, my work can be broken down into several key efforts

  • Buidling the Admin Center
  • Building new features like requesting content within feedback
  • Adding new content like Industry Cloud and Community Content
  • Updating design guidelines

Admin Center

Admin Center in API Business Hub is a place from where the Content Publishers can upload content packages to the display of digital content and the Admin can review them before publishing. Admins can manage products, product tags, organisations, etc.

Business System

Business systems are logical systems which function as senders or receivers. Configuring and editing a business system are two different functionalities that were merged into one in the previous flow. Multiple connections in a business system were hidden and only one was visible. Authors can now configure business systems to release multi versions of packages. We improved all of these data points and implemented a new flow with our new designs.

Influencer Sessions

Influencer Sessions is a SAP tool that allows users to vote on upcoming features or content. We've integrated this tool so users can request new APIs or vote for some upcoming ones. These influencer links are visible to the user in the "Request Content" section in the Feedback.

Working in the Admin Center was a great learning experience as I was able to see the lifecycle of all published digital content. This helped me understand the technical side of the product to improve the existing flows.

Design System

API Business Hub is a product with new design that keeps evolving its content, which made it necessary to have defined patterns as the content kept growing. A Pattern Library that integrates functional components is at the heart of the Design System. These elements help us to create and deliver a consistent experience across all the products. The API Business Hub design system continues to be improved to achieve the best results.

We considered using a modular system respecting the atomic design framework to better fit the product as it needs to scale quickly and adapt to the needs of multiple users. I wanted to create this design system to accelerate the prototyping and learn how to have multiple variants and constraints.


API Business Hub has a wide reach and engagement with customers. Meeting their expectations is a great way to keep the product evolving. As the sole designer, my work involves talking to the owners of various SAP products that host their content, partner companies, alongside my development team and the product owners. This has been a great product for learning management, design consistency while maintaining pixel perfection and making sure the design works efficiently.

Working on this product has been a great learning journey as I could work on the design system, creating consistency across, considering the visual guidelines of fiori and SAP.com while improving the existing product.

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